Acrelic Interactive Anti-Spam Policy

Privacy Policy


If you received e-mail from Acrelic Interactive, its customers or affiliates:

If you received email(s) that you believe are SPAM, then you are encouraged to contact us immediately at:

Acrelic Interactive

Email: or

phone:    908.222.2900

Please provide as much detail as possible about your concerns.

We take SPAM seriously and will investigate the situation immediately.  Please see the statements below which our customers are obliged to follow when using our services.


For Our Customers:

WarpSales™ is a service designed mainly to email your existing customers and prospects.  You may also use WarpSales with rented or purchased mailing lists, as long as they are confirmed opt-in.

License Agreement: The Acrelic Interactive license agreement prohibits sending spam. You must abide by the license agreement to use WarpSales:

UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL EMAIL ("UCE"). You may not use WarpSales to send UCE. You may only use the Software Product to send emails to recipients who have consented to receive email from you by opting in to your mailing list or due to a pre-existing business relationship.

Emails sent using WarpSales must:

Have a valid email address or Web site link which lets recipients unsubscribe

Have a valid email address for handling bounced email

Be routed through an outbound mail (SMTP) server which is licensed to you

Not have misleading or spoofed email headers

Use subject lines that clearly state the purpose of the email

Provide physical location contact information of the user

Conform to US CAN-SPAM Laws or other appropriate Laws where applicable

You must promptly honor all unsubscribe requests from your email recipients.

Mandatory unsubscribe link: Every email sent from WarpSales includes a link to unsubscribe from the list. This link is added automatically by WarpSales and cannot be turned off. Customers cannot send email to customers who have unsubscribed.

Support cutoff / no refund: If we receive complaints that you have used WarpSales to send spam, we will begin an investigation. If the investigation reveals clear, substantiated instances of high-volume spam sent using WarpSales, you will no longer be eligible for technical support. No refund will be provided. 


New U.S. CAN-SPAM law is available here.

The new U.S. anti-spam law also prohibits sending spam.

Last Updated:  March 2004