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Acrelic Interactive - Career Application


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1.  Number of Years Working - Total?
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2.  Years of Job Related Experience?
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Acrelic Interactive is looking for candidates who are well-rounded and passionate.  Answer these questions as they relate to our business of "Evolutionizing Marketing and Sales" and specifically B2B. 

3.  Why is Acrelic Interactive an interesting company for you to join?  What do you find unique about us that gets you excited?

4.  What relevant experience, track record, and other assets make you a great candidate for a position with Acrelic Interactive?


Please give some thought and answer the following questions as openly as possible.  There are no right answers.

5.  What are the five (5) greatest challenges facing B2B  sales executives in the US today and what solutions can have the greatest results?

6.  The top ten statements that describe you and your life that will or should be inscribed on your tombstone?  (The majority should be serious):

7.  Describe your ideal next career opportunity and what would you want from us?:

8.  Any other comments, thoughts, relevant views?:


9.  I am a US Citizen or have a Green Card to work in the US.



The Fine Print
All information submitted on this form will remain private.   We do not sell or rent lists and will not share this data with any third party.   Filling out form in no way guarantees employment with Acrelic Interactive.

We will respond back shortly.  Thank you for taking the time to show interest in us.    The Acrelic Interactive Team!



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