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Acrelic Interactive Changes WarpDrive to WarpSales


Acrelic Interactive after four years of triple digit revenue growth has changed the name of its leading hosted solution for B2B lead qualification to WarpSales.  The name of WarpDrive is being retired, but the WarpSales product and solution set are continuing to innovate and benefit Acrelic's customers and capture new prospective customers attention with a brand name that more closely resembles what the product does for its users. 


Warren, NJ May 1, 2006 – Acrelic Interactive has developed the first lead qualification system that connects professional B2B sales people to their prospects in real time. We have recently changed our product name to WarpSales™ (formerly WarpDrive) to further underscore the value of qualifying leads and closing sales at warp speed!

The product name change will become effective on May 15, 2006. Our name change doesn't affect the product we offer or our relationship with our customers in any way. Our goal is the same as it has always been— to provide the highest call connect rate of any solution in the market - it’s all about fast selling with WarpSales.

Our new name symbolizes our commitment to increasing the quantity and quality of leads passed from marketing to sales. You can count on WarpSales to work for you by:


  • Qualifying more than 2-3 times the number of leads than the industry average in half the time.

  • Providing the highest call connect rate for professional sales people of any solution in the market.

  • Providing real-time lead qualification metrics for management, enabling more seamless integration between Marketing and Sales.

  • Continually working to improve your sales processes.

Our customers continuously remind us that we enable them to achieve remarkable results and that the sales teams who use WarpSales are excited and eager to use it. Sales users who see almost immediate results after implementation relate better to WarpSales as the product name, as everything seems to happen at warp speed!

About Acrelic Interactive

Acrelic is the creator of WarpSales -- the first lead qualification system that connects professional B2B sales people to their prospects in real time. With WarpSales, Marketing organizations can accelerate delivery of both quantity and quality of leads to Inside Sales organizations who in turn, can increase their productivity by at least doubling their live connect and lead conversion rates.

Acrelic is helping companies across industry segments create new revenue opportunities and achieve greater profitability through a unique combination of technology and technique. By focusing on open source solutions for scalability and economic flexibility, Acrelic is able to provide a straightforward and affordable solution to companies of all sizes. A customer sampling includes: IBM, Citicorp, Computer Associates, and Tempur-Pedic, among others.

Acrelic Interactive is privately held, was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Warren, NJ.

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Director of Marketing
Acrelic Interactive
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