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Partners in Success for Marketing and Sales


Connect and Qualify…in real time.

Acrelic Interactive collaborates with various technology partners in order to bring the greatest level of success to its customers.




Acrelic Group

Acrelic Interactive's sister company that is " Helping People Achieve Remarkable Results".  Acrelic Group is all accelerating growth through new revenue sources and optimizing businesses to free-up cash to increase profits or increase investments.  Acrelic Group has worked with many Acrelic Interactive Clients to implement change. 


CustomerCentric Selling

Provides sales training program, sales consulting services, sales management training, and customer service training that helps increase sales, expedite the sales process, and reduce the cost of sales.




Jet Powered Group

A premium Customer Relationship Management firm for business-to-business software and services companies. We help our clients select, acquire and retain customers through both direct and indirect channels.





Interested in becoming a partner?  Please contact:

Mr. William Ready



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